Strategies for Successfully Uploading Images from Bravo to Xano

The State Changers had a meeting discussing technical challenges around image upload from Bravo to Xano. They were working on a problem related to the translation of an object into the right format. The image was uploading just fine when done through Xano directly, but posed an issue when uploaded from Bravo. The challenge seemed to stem from the fact that the image was returning an object array, which was not translating correctly.

After an in-depth probe into the issue, they found that the problem seemed to be originating from the input side in Bravo, rather than in the reception by Xano. The payload from Bravo was not sending the correct data, which resulted in Xano not receiving the image correctly. The meeting ended with an action plan to focus on getting Bravo to send the desired payload in their next session, and subsequently fine-tuning Xano's reception and interpretation of the incoming data. Key tools mentioned in the meeting included Bravo, an app-building platform, and Xano, a backend as a service tool.

(Source: Office Hours 6/16 )

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