Strategizing Efficient Use of Xano for XML and JSON Parsing

This meeting of the State Changers revolved around the usage of the tool, "Xano". The main insight was that although Xano has the capability to perform a variety of tasks, it may not always be the best choice for a specific job. Complex tasks, such as parsing XML or handling dirty data, often trip up Xano, leading to system crashes. Instead of pushing the boundaries of what Xano can technically do, the team proposed the idea of using the easiest tool for each specific task. They mentioned how Xano is great at parsing JSON when the data is clean and structured, making it easy to work with. Finally, they concluded the meeting by encouraging the idea of creating things that people can use by utilizing the best-in-class tools for specific tasks, thus making their workflow more efficient. It's suggested to raise questions for further calls to discuss other tools' usability and efficiency.

(Source: Office Hours 9/6 )

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