Strategizing Performance Tracking with Flutterflow

The State Changers discussed the implementation of a progress bar system within FlutterFlow. A system is noted which shows users how their bets are performing. The main discussion revolved around establishing the progress bar as a percentage, effectively translating that data into the necessary containers. The State Changers speculated that using a Flexbox type structure with a stack form system would yield the necessary visualized performance tracking. When discussing how to convey progress towards targets, percentages provided greater clarity than numerical values. This concept functions on a normalized basis, meaning if progress exceeds 100%, the bar just turns green. This translated data was theorized to be applicable to other instances, such as creating progress bars in Flutter. At no point were any of the listed keywords such as "Xano," "WeWeb," "Zapier," "Make," "Integromat," "Outseta," "Retool," etc. mentioned in the discussed conversation, only FlutterFlow is mentioned.

(Source: Office Hours 5/4 )

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