Streamlining Booking Processes with Improved API Integration and Debugging

The State Changers discussed a technical issue regarding an API call associated with a booking process. The problem was that the availability of a booking was not being linked to the correct item if it was waitlisted. The solution involved accessing the correct data from a waitlist table using conditional logic.

The State Changers first discussed how, if an item is already booked and a waitlist record is made, the returned data should come from the waitlist table if the availability was null. They then explained how to get a record from the waitlist, identifying the correct booking, and getting the availability from that data. The group then went on to manage this data, specifically updating variables and checking their implementations with debugging. This involved loop functions to iterate through arrays present in the record sets. The group concluded by confirming the solution was working and then began discussing compute and memory issues with a different application, with a specific focus on user experience and the resource demands of animations. They gave some insights about how different tools could potentially address these issues.

(Source: Office Hours 12/1 )

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