Streamlining Custom Code Injection and Deployment for Flutterflow

In this meeting, Daniel is having trouble setting up the Git process and pushing custom code using Android Studio. Ray recommends using GitHub Desktop, but Daniel prefers using Visual Studio Code (VS Code). They discuss the differences in how the two tools handle cloning and switching between branches. Ray suggests using GitHub Desktop for easier management of branches and recommends using the tool that Daniel is most familiar with.

Daniel also mentions wanting to push his work to a new branch. Ray suggests creating a separate repository for the two files he wants to change, rather than trying to merge branches. He explains how Daniel can copy the files into a new repository and then run a script to commit and push the changes. This approach simplifies the process and separates the custom code from the main repository. They discuss the documentation provided by Flutterflow and the issues Daniel has encountered with their Flutter SDK and customer support. Ray suggests focusing on inject the custom code instead of merging branches, as it will be a simpler and more flexible approach. Ray walks Daniel through the process of copying the custom code files into a new location and committing and pushing the changes using Git. He also recommends creating a script to automate this process in the future for easier deployment. Overall, Ray advises Daniel to focus on simplicity and finding the easiest approach that works for him, without being too tied to a specific vendor or tool. He suggests experimenting with different solutions and keeping his deployment process separate from development to avoid unnecessary complexity.

(Source: Office Hours 9/7/2023 )

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