Streamlining Data Manipulation and Redis Usage for Project Projections

In this technical meeting, the State Changers discussed issues related to data management in an MVP developed in Bubble. They focused on handling data stored in Redis, specifically how to correctly manipulate an array of yearly projections stored as a cache value. Some key points were:

1. An array was fetched from the Redis cache and inspected, revealing an array of objects representing annual projections. 2. The State Changers then assessed ways to identify and replace specific elements in the array through data manipulation methods. 3. They looked at the possibility of updating variables in the cache. Several steps were then taken to ensure that correct changes were made to the cache: fetching a specific array from Redis cache, replacing an outdated projection, then pushing the newly manipulated array back into the cache. 4. One important insight highlighted was the process of "pull, change, push" or in technical terms, "extract, transform, load" for handling cached data. 5. The meeting closed with a discussion about managing the "unhappy path" i.e., scenarios where unexpected inputs might result in errors. They suggested implementing preconditions and error handling measures such as using an 'If Then' clause to prevent errors like attempting to update an array index that doesn't exist. 6. The group also discussed how to differentiate between situations where they update already existent data or create new data in the array depending on if the year passed exists in the cache or not. The meeting was a deep-dive into technical problem-solving for managing, manipulating, and maintaining data integrity in Redis caches. Key technologies mentioned include Xano, Redis, and Bubble.

(Source: Office Hours 12/28 )

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