Streamlining Product Database Management and Optimization Using Zano

During this State Changers meeting, the primary discussions revolved around the development and optimization of a product database. The participant, Brandon, was experiencing difficulties accessing his Xano account, but eventually managed to do so.

A significant portion of the discussion was dedicated to understanding and resolving a challenge Brandon was facing with Xano - how to efficiently manage large product databases and import data from multiple sources like Best Buy or Amazon, particularly the top selling information. The suggested solution was to create a separate record to store data from Amazon or any other source and to use a JSON field or a table. The aim is to minimize the need for updating the main product database constantly, which would save resources. An example discussed was to create a record for the top 25 Amazon products using an array. The meeting also highlighted the importance and efficiency of using indices in databases, comparing them to the index in a non-fiction book. An index helps to locate specific data quickly without having to search through the entire database. However, the trade-off is the effort expanded to create and maintain the index especially when the database changes a lot. Beside Xano, other tools such as Bubble (front-end web builder) were also mentioned for querying and displaying data. As for Brandon's concern about the "width" (number of attributes or columns) of his database, it was concluded that he should be more concerned with reducing the frequency and complexity of queries rather than worrying about the number of attributes in his database at this stage.

(Source: Office Hours 10/19 )

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