Streamlining the Form Process for Workplace Issues Report App

This meeting was a collaborative discussion among State Changers about optimizing a form for a workplace-related complaints app. There are two main points of consideration: the User Experience (UX) and the back-end auto updating.

The first issue debated is the UX design of the form. The initiator proposes completing the form in chunks, with each part being submitted before moving to the next. The supporters of the argument bring up the frequent forgetfulness of users to press the submit button, so with this approach, the data is saved continuously. Opposing that, some participants suggest a single-page form layout, considering it less daunting and offering predictability for users. They state that multi-page forms leave users unsure of how long the process will be, potentially leading to drop-offs. The single-form layout, on the other hand, offers transparency about how much is left and increases the likelihood of form submission. The discussion highlights that each approach requires user testing to see how potential users might react to both designs. The ultimate objective is to make the form as simple yet informative as possible to gather necessary data without discouraging users. The other topic discussed was the app's sad necessity since it deals with serious workplace issues like wage theft and tip withholding, indicating a systemic problem in workplaces. The meeting concluded with a note on future meetings, including plans to discuss generative AI during an upcoming OpenAI meeting. This suggests that AI technologies could be relevant for future workflows or solutions being considered by the group.

(Source: Office Hours 2/3 )

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