Streamlining Webflow Form Submissions Using Xano Function Stack

The State Changers held a meeting to help Tex process a web form submission more efficiently using Xano. Tex has a page that allows a file upload and sets parameters. The problem was how to handle a large number of variables starting with 'p_' and filtering the true values from a list.

To rectify the issue, the group decides to copy the data into Xano and then use the "Stop and Debug" feature to analyze the data. This led to the realization that they should change the way Xano perceives this data. Instead of making Xano recognize a list of keys and values, they transformed the data into an array of key-value pairs named "entries". Then, they created a new variable named "filtered", applying a filter in Xano to discern only entries where the key started with 'p_' and the value was 'true'. Further, another filter was added to fetch only the keys of these filtered entries, resulting in a simplified list of key names without the 'p_' prefix. The process effectively reduced a large, cumbersome problem to a smaller, more manageable one. This streamlined list of parameters can then be used in future table updates. They also discussed the potential performance penalties with heavy use of filters and the importance of identifying and mitigating these troubles. The meeting concluded on a lighter note about managing video during Zoom calls. The efficient problem-solving process demonstrated is beneficial to anyone attempting to process a complex web form submission through Xano.

(Source: Office Hours 7/21 )

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