Structuring Data for Attendance Tracking and Use of Xano in Generating Dynamic Google Docs Report

In this meeting, the State Changers primarily discussed the proper structuring and management of data in Xano. One participant was trying to figure out the correct way to process and store data related to student attendance patterns, factoring in frequency and block type. They debated whether to directly associate the frequency with the student in the user table or establish a user-block-frequency association. Given that the system's design depended on the application's business logic, no definitive decision was made.

Another important discussion revolved around the choice of tool for creating a dynamic Google Doc from reports. Two options were under consideration: using Xano to have a more in-depth learning experience or using the known tool, Make. The recommendation was largely to select the tool that would provide the quickest time to value, with Make being favorable if the participant already knew how to perform the task using it. However, they also encouraged leveraging the strength of Xano, specifically for complex data manipulation tasks, creating an endpoint and working with Make for external resources. The conversation also touched on Zapier as a popular option being cheaper and more time-efficient for workflow automation. Although this transcript does not include every keyword, it appears the keyword 'Xano' was extremely central to the discussion.

(Source: Office Hours 8/7/2023 )

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