Structuring Database and Sorting Debt for Finance Program: Managing Seniority and Sub Seniorities

In this meeting, the main topic of discussion was how to structure a database or sorting through an array for a finance program. The speaker explained the different levels and seniorities of debt and the need to understand the sorting and triggers for each level. The participants discussed the concept of sorting obligations and determining their seniority relative to each other. They also talked about managing insolvency scenarios and understanding the creditworthiness of different instruments. The second part of the meeting touched on the use of different tools for user interactions and visualizations. The participants discussed the trade-offs between using Webflow, app sheets, and spreadsheets for different aspects of the application development. Finally, they discussed the user experience of rearranging assets and the suggestion to use a dynamic list with input rankings to sort and update the score. The meeting concluded with an offer to help the participants unstuck and provide assistance for a productive weekend.

(Source: Office Hours 3/17 )

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