Structuring Database for Different Question Types and Reconciliation Process

In this meeting, the speaker discusses the structure of their database and how to handle different types of questions and submissions. They mention using a table called PCS to derive different types of questions and give an example of comparing two players' statistics. However, they realize that these types of questions are not straightforward over-under questions and are wondering how to structure their database to handle them. The speaker suggests using JSON to store the relevant information for each question type, as the shape of the information will depend on the type of question. They also discuss the issue of resolution and reconciling the outcome of the submission. The suggestion is to create functions in Xano to determine the result and have a function that runs based on the type of question. The speaker acknowledges that there is still some figuring out to do but is grateful for the guidance. The meeting ends with the announcement of future office hours.

(Source: Office Hours 3/22 )

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