Structuring Database for Product Variance and Optimizing Multi-Vendor Marketplaces

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss a crucial issue related to the structuring of a database to allow for product variance in the context of marketplace functionality. An impediment faced is creating a structure for a NoSQL database with many-to-many relationships, which the participant is struggling with. The discussion brings forth the idea of a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) as a variation rather than the product and demonstrates how the vendor's offer could potentially be the core of the marketplace system. The central idea is to organize it in a tree structure from category to product to SKU to offer, reducing the complexity of many-to-many relationships. It's advised to consider multiple vendors selling the same SKU at different prices when developing a marketplace. Most importantly, the offer level is the main point of focus as it contains the core details, like the product being purchased and its price. Near the end, they agree to submit a request in the form and the speaker promises to provide resources to assist the participant. The central keywords mentioned in this meeting were SKU, vendor, offer, product, price, category, database, and marketplace.

(Source: Office hours 2/21 )

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