Structuring Hierarchy for Debt Structures and Handling Scoring in a Form-based Interface

In this meeting, the main topic of discussion was about structuring a ladder and a scoring system for debt structures. The person who initiated the discussion had a question about how to handle scoring when inserting a new item in between existing items. Two approaches were suggested - one involving shuffling the items and modifying the table, and the other involving an empty space approach using a scoring convention. The empty space approach was considered preferable due to its simplicity. They also discussed the importance of using integers for scoring to avoid floating point math issues. The person was advised to scaffold their ideas on Excel and consider the user experience. They also mentioned using either Weweb or Webflow for creating the front-end experience. Towards the end, they briefly discussed a try catch issue, but decided to address it separately.

(Source: Office Hours 3/20 )

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