Synchronization of Webflow and Xano for Ecommerce Data Management

In the State Changers meeting, there was a detailed discussion on data design, focusing on how to synchronize the CMS from Webflow with Xano. The participants pondered over the source of data truth— whether data should be added to Xano and then uploaded to Webflow or vice versa.

One participant expressed their preference for data to be stored in Xano and hosted by Webflow, utilizing it for making static sites and distribution. However, it was also mentioned that if Xano is the choice of the source of truth, data needs to be pushed from Xano to Webflow. The meeting emphasized that all these decisions are contingent on how Webflow's ecommerce structure is utilized, as variants are SKUs the way Webflow implements it. A participant clarified that in their scenario, SKU is the offer, indicating that SKU goes to a product. Potential methods of data transfer were also discussed, suggesting the use of Xano's external API request to get data from Webflow into Xano via background tasks. However, it was recommended to avoid data going upstream and then downstream to circumvent complexities. The participants also advised the structure of data in parallel to Xano objects for transmission and possible future performance improvements. However, it was noted that this approach had encountered issues before, so it was suggested to bring up these issues in future discussions. Later in the conversation, the dialogue redirected towards FlutterFlow. However, the specifics weren't shared within the provided text.

(Source: Office Hours 2/22 )

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