Synchronizing Production and Staging Environments with Xano and Authentication across Workspaces

In this meeting, the State Changer is seeking guidance on how to synchronize information between production and staging environments, specifically related to sports data and schedules. Currently, they are using an API call to copy tables from production to staging, but they are looking for a more efficient approach. The State Changer has considered creating separate workspaces for testing and production, but they have concerns about authentication when dealing with different workspaces.

The State Changer is advised to clone their production workspace to a test workspace and create a function to copy data from one workspace to another. By routinely refreshing the test workspace with production data, they can easily make changes and experiment without impacting the production environment. This allows for clean and separate environments for testing and development. Regarding the authentication challenge, the State Changer is advised to authenticate users in one workspace (workspace A) and have another workspace (workspace B) make an API call to verify the authentication with workspace A. This will ensure that users can authenticate into workspace B using the user table from workspace A. The State Changer is encouraged to continue discussing their authentication issue and share their thoughts on possible solutions, either by writing a document or recording a video explaining their ideas. This will provide an opportunity to work on the problem and develop a solution during future office hours. The meeting concludes with gratitude and farewells.

(Source: Office Hours 3/10 )

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