Taking Apps to the Next Level: Incorporating Emotional Resonance and Marketing into App Development

The meeting involved the State Changers discussing about the importance of incorporating the marketing aspect into app development. The main focus revolved around understanding who they are trying to serve, the emotional resonance of the product, the pain points it addresses, and the promise it offers to the end users. They emphasized on not only offering a solution but going deeper into delivering the emotional promise, suggesting that only by fulfilling this promise can the product truly succeed, particularly in cases of reoccurring offers, where failure to deliver the promise could lead to a high churn rate and ultimately, business failure. They advised those who are not considering marketing yet, to start thinking about it and dig deep into the promise their product delivers. None of the mentioned keywords such as "Xano", "WeWeb", etc. were discussed in this meeting. Ultimately, this insightful conversation addressed a majorly overlooked aspect of app development - marketing, with a unique perspective.

(Source: Guest Speaker - Mitch Van Dusen on Marketing 9/13/2023 )

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