Technical Discussion on Query Optimization and Database Indexing Issues

This State Changer meeting was primarily dedicated to debugging and optimizing a database. The participants discussed ways to improve queries' efficiency by adding indexes to tables and formulating filter criteria to enhance their solution’s performance.

There were three critical considerations for performance: the speed of database calls, external data requests like APIs, and nested looping. Their focus was on improving the performance at the database level, and they worked on issues concerning indices and query qualifications during the meeting. "FlutterFlow" was also referenced, wherein the participants identified an issue with an excessive number of calls being made on the platform. They also discussed the importance of response caching to enhance the solution's efficiency and performance. At the end of the meeting, the work was not entirely complete, and they decided to continue the process in the subsequent office hours. They planned for more hands-on debugging and performance optimization, mainly concentrating on the issues identified with FlutterFlow and database enhancements.

(Source: Office Hours 5/3 )

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