Technical Discussion on Web Development: Parameter Passing and Database Manipulation

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed making functional modifications to a web app. The central tasks involved modifying query parameters, designers adding specific values into the system, and manipulating URL parameters to reflect choice-based variables in the live app. The team also succeeded in pushing simple strings into an array, simplifying from the previous state of pushing objects.

Notably, the meeting included discussions on setting up pages (emphasis on the 'create prop' page), manipulating scripts in webpage bodies, and adjusting choices and values to better suit the app’s operation. All these changes were applied and pushed for Webflow, a web application tool. One of the State Changers demonstrated the effects of their modifications live, specifically on variable assignments. They also performed testing by adjusting the URL parameters and observing how these changes reflected in the live app. Quick troubleshooting also happened in realtime, where an issue with the wrong type of variable being entered was quickly resolved by substituting strings instead of objects. Toward the end of the meeting, an idea was proposed to prepopulate choices from an API call, but this proposal was rescheduled for further discussion in the next meeting, given the meeting time was almost up.

(Source: Office Hours 12/12 )

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