Technical Troubleshooting: WebFlow Script and Data Loading Management

In this state changers' meeting, the primary focus was on solving a coding issue. A participant had developed a script working with Webflow and had embedded some code. This guided a payload with dummy data and an API call. However, they faced a challenge where the script waited for the third-party platform "Wiz" to load the data.

The other participants provided guide and assistance, first from understanding the problem by going through the code together, and then proposing potential solutions. The meeting helped to address two key challenges: - First, ensuring the chart was based on the config only after all the data has been loaded. - Second was a concern about a potential conflicting scenario with multiple processes waiting for the 'auth' to finish. To prevent these issues, they decided to incorporate all the necessary actions for instances after the 'auth' is finished, into one block of the script. They also discussed about 'config' being added to the 'window' object for indirection. By the end of the meeting, they had outlined a proposed solution that needed to be tested. It is essential for anyone struggling with similar issues on coding projects with Webflow, 'Wiz' and configuring API calls.

(Source: Office Hours 10/20 )

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