Testing and Enhancing Business Description Feature with User Acceptance Testing and Data Prefilling Strategies

The meeting was organized by the State Changers, who discussed two main points:

1. Data Prefilling for System Behavior Understanding: One participant, David, sought advice on how to prefill his business and user data tables to understand system behavior. The data was linked to a feature that supports the North American Industrial Classification system to provide business descriptions usable countrywide. He was particularly interested in populating three fields with tester data. 2. Finding Test Subjects for New Product Stress Testing: David also wanted to know how to source test users for his product. A recommended solution was to hire users from Fiverr, a platform where one could contract reasonably priced services. These users would provide valuable insights into areas where the system breaks. Further testing advice included recording test sessions for better troubleshooting and doing live sessions with 'friendlies' as opposed to asynchronous testing with Fiverr users. David was also encouraged to enlist the help of family members for early-stage user testing. The meeting emphasized the importance of engaging both 'non-expert friendlies' and 'expert friendlies', with a hint to save the latter for later testing stages after initial bugs have been ironed out. Lastly, David was encouraged to keep attending these meetings for continuous learning and support. No specific keywords were mentioned in the transcript.

(Source: Office hours 2/21 )

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