Title: "Associating User Scores with Store IDs

In this meeting, the team discusses a problem related to saving and associating IDs in a table. They talk about the need to check if the table already has a record for a specific store ID and user ID before saving. They discuss the concept of relationship tables and the use of external IDs to connect information from outside the database. They confirm that each user is allowed to have one score per store and agree that the table structure makes sense for this purpose. They also discuss how to query the records in the table to check if a specific store ID already exists for a user. They suggest using a straightforward table call and creating a variable for the store ID. They also mention the option of using a custom query to ask more complicated questions and suggest experimenting with different query types. Overall, the meeting provides insights into how to handle saving and querying IDs in a table.

(Source: Office Hours 5/25 )

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