Title: "Exploring Xano and Weweb Integration: Filtering Records and API Calls

In this meeting, the participants discussed the process of making API calls and filtering records in Xano. They talked about saving parameters or variables from a call and using them as inputs for querying records based on different filters. They also mentioned the importance of ignoring empty values when filtering records. There was a brief discussion about the layout of the filter options, with one participant suggesting reversing the order of the inputs. They discussed testing the backend functionality before implementing it on the front end to ensure proper communication between the two. They also touched on changing triggers for actions and reloading queries. Another topic of conversation was using additional input fields and creating variables to simplify composing the request to be sent to Xano. The meeting concluded with expressions of gratitude and plans to continue similar sessions in the future.

(Source: Office Hours 5/9 )

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