Title: Image Transfer and File Management in Xano

In this meeting, the main issue discussed is the transfer of headshot images from an old instance to a new instance. The person who raised the question had migrated the images but realized that they were still pointing to the path in the old instance. The concern is whether they can delete the file system in the old instance without compromising the new instance where they are now saving the images. It is clarified that the files in Xano are stored in the public data space and can be fetched from the front end using the URL. There is no programmatic delete or listing of files in Xano, so to move the images to the new instance, the person will need to iterate over the records, perform an external API request to save the local file, and then update the record on their own local version. There is also discussion about using dev tools to gather more information and finding the correct link for the published version of a page.

(Source: Office Hours 4/25 )

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