Title: Leveraging Xano and Weweb for Dynamic Progress Bar Implementation

In this meeting, the main topic of discussion was the progress bar feature being developed by Ray. Ray explained that he created five parameters for the progress bar, including progress, threshold, actual stat, progress state color, and athlete name. He mentioned that he was still playing around with the feature and had some questions regarding using percentages or pixels for the progress calculation. Ray sought advice from another member, who suggested focusing on what would get the desired outcome fastest and recommended starting with percentages and later revisiting if needed.

The discussion also touched upon self-management techniques, such as writing down ideas to avoid distraction and being mindful of time spent on specific tasks. Ray asked about animating the progress bar and was advised to attach animations to update events. They also discussed how to update the data in real-time without requiring a page refresh, suggesting using timers and app state variables to handle updates. Overall, the meeting emphasized the importance of prioritizing speed and learning through iterative development, while keeping the user experience in mind.

(Source: Office Hours 5/11 )

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