Title: Memory Optimization and Search Optimization with Xano and Wized

In this meeting, several topics were discussed.

1. Memory Issue: The participant mentioned a memory issue and suggested running a task in the background to bypass the issue. They were unsure about how to upload a file to a task. 2. Debugging: They discussed the need to turn off variables when running and debugging to avoid memory leaks. 3. Handling Large Data: They mentioned breaking up large data into pages and shipping sets of rows to an external API or another endpoint to solve memory limitations. 4. Background Task: They suggested using a background task for long-running processes and mentioned that it may not necessarily have more memory than an endpoint, but it has more patience. 5. Zenov's Search: The participant asked about the best way to handle search in Zenov, specifically whether to have separate fields or a concatenated string. The suggestion was to have crisp geographic data and set up a text search index for other criteria, using fuzzy search operators for more accurate results. 6. Data Cleaning: The importance of data cleaning was emphasized, as it creates durable value and improves search results. Functions can be created to automate the data cleaning process. Overall, the meeting covered topics related to memory issues, debugging, handling large data, background tasks, search optimization, and data cleaning.

(Source: Office Hours 4/5 )

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