Title: "Prototyping and Time Budgeting for a Dental Community App

In this meeting, the participant is new to using Zeno and is looking for guidance on estimating the time needed for a project. The project involves creating a mobile app for a community of moms to connect and message each other. The participant is unsure about how long it will take and wants to avoid underestimating the time. The meeting leader suggests setting a time budget and making use of resources available, including the community for help. They emphasize the importance of prototyping and making quick progress, even if some decisions turn out to be wrong. The leader also mentions the benefit of using no-code tools to minimize rework and drive down costs. They recommend reading a book called "Inspired" by Marty Gagan for further guidance. The participant expresses gratitude for the advice and feels more confident in their ability to tackle the project with this support. The meeting ends with the leader reminding the participant about office hours and other resources available for further assistance.

(Source: Office Hours 4/19 )

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