Transforming Strings into Object Keys and Using Dot Notation to Access Data

During the meeting, the participants discussed the process of turning strings into object keys. The speaker shared their desired output and explained their preference for using dot notation instead of camel case. They mentioned encountering an error when running their Lambda code and sought assistance in resolving it. The team discussed the issue and identified that they were iterating at the wrong level and needed to iterate over the "fields" instead. They made the necessary adjustments in the code and resolved the error. The speaker also expressed their preference for doing things the "no code" Xano way and inquired if Lambda functions could be avoided. They received guidance on using a reducer pattern and discussed the benefits and challenges of code generated by AI. The participants continued to address code-related questions and received further explanations regarding setting paths as text or variable and the importance of understanding the logic behind it. The meeting concluded with the speaker expressing their interest in sharing their Lambda functions with the team for further discussion and code refinement.

(Source: Office Hours 6/6 )

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