Transitioning from Bubble to React: Challenges and Alternatives

The meeting mainly centered around a "State Changer" who wanted advice on transitioning from Bubble to React, considering the complexity of Bubble for custom tasks. Another participant indicated that Bubble might have security issues and may not be suitable if that was a significant concern. One suggestion was to apply the "one-two rule", whereby the participant could try each option for a small period and stick with the one that seemed to make the most progress.

The meeting delved into the pros and cons of various no-code and low-code tools like WeWeb, Xano, and Superbase. They noted that WeWeb is relatively new and made to be easily extendable, making it a good choice for unusual projects. Xano was praised for its usefulness in back-end development, with one participant confirming that they had managed to build an application relatively quickly using WeWeb and Xano. Superbase was acknowledged for its robust file management system, greater control through coding, but it does require more work compared to Xano. A new platform called FastGen was also mentioned as a potential tool for custom logic-building, but it was considered immature at the moment. The meeting concluded with the advice that these tools and platforms change quickly, so revisiting decisions every few months to see if they're still the right choice would be beneficial.

(Source: Office Hours 6/23/23 )

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