Transitioning from Bubble to Webflow: Addressing Challenges and Applying Solutions with Zano and Wiz

In this State Changers' meeting, the main discussion revolved around the transition from Bubble to Webflow and the use of Wiz for different functionalities. The team took a closer look at Cam's Bubble setup, specifically on how filtering and listing processes worked where he was able to click on a sport and then see the relevant scheduling.

Cam intended to replicate this feature in Webflow but faced difficulties when integrating Wiz as it presented five dropdowns instead of five sports in one dropdown. Bailey of the team provided potential solutions and walked Cam through the process of setting parameters in Wiz that would resolve the issue. They explored using URL parameters to pass data from one page to another, elaborating on setting parameters based on dynamic data processed through different actions like onClick or onChange. Wiz's 'navigate to' function was noted to be helpful as it allows defining the beginning of the URL for an object. Bailey introduced FinSuite's attributes feature (a completely free NPM package) to allow programming dynamic rendering of data in a dropdown list and also to auto-select an item listed. They also explained how to generate the URLs for the query parameters using Wiz. Minor setbacks were also discussed, including understanding how Wiz handles URL encoding and managing issues with their XANA Plan database migrations related to the launch of a new version. Overall, the meeting showed a team writing code, exploring capabilities of various tech tools (mainly Wiz, Webflow, and Bubble), and problem-solving collaboratively.

(Source: Office Hours 12/12 )

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