Transitioning from Bubble to Xano Platforms: Linking Development and Production Stages

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed various issues and challenges related to integrating and migrating between different web systems.

The primary focus was on how to link a Bubble website's development and live versions with Xano's staging and production versions, while also aligning the databases of the two systems. The State Changers clarified the differences between Xano's branching (for different code versions) and different database instances. It was revealed that Xano's scale plans support both live and test modes, which allows for use of different databases. The group reviewed Xano's documentation and determined that using an API connector with a header method would help to route requests to Bubble. The key point was setting an additional header in Bubble's API connector to identify whether it's dealing with test data or live data from Xano. However, an issue was raised on how Bubble could dynamically detect whether it was in development or production environment. The meeting ended without a clear resolution, but it was suggested that one possible workaround might be to check the page parameters in Bubble, as the system adds 'version-test' to the address when in development mode, and alter the actions accordingly. The overall consensus was that this is an area in which Bubble doesn't provide a straightforward solution, and users need to devise their own solutions.

(Source: Office Hours 10/13 )

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