Transitioning to Webflow and Enhancing SEO: Challenges and Solutions

The meeting was about discussing the shift of a website to Webflow from Bubble and its integration with Xano. The State Changers also discussed the admin tasks which they planned to keep in Bubble for now, and potentially move to WeWeb at a later date.

They also discussed SEO factors, with anecdotal evidence suggesting better results with Webflow. A concern was raised about how to connect Webflow with Xano, as the tutorials available online mostly involved embedding lines of code which the participants felt might be prone to error. The possibility of using Zapier was dismissed as it was mentioned that Zapier was more geared towards form submissions, and not much of the information needed was on the form. The meeting then turned to a discussion on how to trigger actions through form submissions using Webflow, Xano, or other systems such as Zapier or Make. The form would trigger an email to the internal team when a user signs up for a program. The topic then shifted to the static vs dynamic nature of websites. Webflow was declared superior for SEO as it allows for static websites as opposed to Bubble, which is more dynamic. Concepts such as using other systems to enhance the form interface like Reform, Paper Form or TypeForm were suggested. The matter of having dynamic content from a Xano database on a static website was also discussed. The meeting concluded with the decision to proceed with Webflow, and to work out any issues along the way. The possibility of getting help from Finsuite for using Whiz as a design tool was also mentioned. The next meeting was hinted to involve coding aspects. Keywords mentioned: Xano, WeWeb, Bubble, Webflow, Zapier.

(Source: Office Hours 11/7 )

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