Translating Python-Discord Bot into Xano: Steps and Challenges

This State Changers meeting focused primarily on a challenge regarding the translation of a Python file into Xano. The participants were dealing with the specific task of rebuilding a Discord bot from Python to Xano, which required understanding how to connect the bot, send JSON requests, and leverage the correct authorizations. Throughout the discussion, different aspects of handling API requests, bot credentials, payload composition, and integrating JSON parsing into Xano were discussed. The role of key components such as the Discord token, Client, and Commands was also analyzed. They concluded with the decision that more 'homework' needed to be done, likely involving exploration of the Discord documentation and searching for easier potential methods for integrating the bot with Xano. Future insights will be expected from the team once they have the required information.

(Source: Office Hours 9/26/2023 - Plus an Extra! )

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