Troubleshooting Access Token Issue in Integrating Xano with WeWeb

This meeting featured a troubleshooting session between State Changers over integrating an "Outseta" authentication token with "WeWeb" and "Xano". The significant issue of the custom JavaScript not functioning properly and not delivering an access token alert pop-up was discussed. Interestingly, the participant noted that the access token was available but was getting lost in redirects while loading the sign-in page.

During this productive dialogue, they dove into the application's console app, inspecting local storage, session storage, and cookies, but did not find a solution from these. They suspected that during redirects, the access token is either eliminated from the URL or it gets redirected to a new page without the token. One proposed solution was to modify the token's loading sequence on the "WeWeb" side. An experiment was suggested where the token is loaded as early as WeWeb allows to preempt any potential interference. If this approach doesn't work, a more advanced technique was proposed, which involves using a script tag to load the token at the earliest possible instance. It was noted that even though the problem involves interacting with "Xano", it seems like the issue arises before Xano even becomes a factor. The problem lies with the token disappearing in the browser before the WeWeb framework gets a chance to capture it. More experimentation with these solutions on the WeWeb and Outseta platforms might bring clarity on how to effectively pass the authentication token to Xano. In summary, the meeting aimed at finding a solution to successfully capturing and passing an authentication token from "Outseta" to "WeWeb" and then to "Xano". The possible steps involved analyzing the sequence of redirects, adjusting the token loading sequence in WeWeb, and employing a script tag to load the token earlier. The progress achieved was identifying feasible paths to resolution rather than a direct solution.

(Source: Office Hours 7/5/2023 )

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