Troubleshooting Adalo Front-End Toggle Feature and API Integration Issues

The State Changers meeting mainly revolved around issues detecting the Boolean in the Adalo frontend. The team was challenged by a problem where they were able to toggle the Boolean true or false in the backend but found difficulty implementing the same in the frontend. They realized that although the backend is functioning properly, the custom action in the frontend wasn't effectively operating. The team attempted to resolve the issue by modifying "Update Boolean" on the backend, initially using a numerical value instead of Boolean. However, the solution didn't work as the JSON body was not accepting the changes. They suspected the problem might reside in how Adalo and Xano interpret the Boolean value. The discussion concluded on the note that they would explore the issue further in the Adalo support forum. The potential solution mentioned was to upgrade to a higher SKU of Adalo, but they expressed doubts whether this would be the optimal solution. The meeting ended with a commitment to continue exploring solutions to the problem.

(Source: State Change Office Hours 4/24 )

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