Troubleshooting and Addressing Login and Logout Issues with Wyze and Kakao Developers

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed issues they were experiencing with logging in and logging out functionality in the app they’ve been working on. The issues pertained to user difficulties in switching accounts. The team used live troubleshooting to inspect the problem and found that it might be related to a stored cookie in the web browser which may be automatically logging in users with a previously used account.

Upon observing their developed system's behavior, it was found that logging out of one account and attempting to log in immediately with another account would generate an error code. The investigation led to the understanding that this was because the authentication mechanism was handling a token that had already been used. To resolve the issue, the team focused on the login protocol, specifically the link associated with Kakao (a South Korean internet company). The team hypothesized that an amendment to this link could solve the problem, based on their consultation of Kakao’s documentation, which advised that adding a "prompt=login" argument to the login link would force a full login sequence — thus bypassing any automatic login from previously stored cookies. Upon making this change in the system’s workflow and testing the functionality, the State Changers confirmed that their solution was successful. They also considered the cultural contexts of their various markets — noting that there may be differences in the Indian and Korean markets. The team expressed satisfaction with their problem-solving process and decided to move on to address other issues in their system.

(Source: Office Hours 4/14 )

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