Troubleshooting and Debugging with ZenoCred and Xano

In the meeting, the State Changers had a discussion revolving around debugging issues related to the use of Xano software. One participant explained a problem with their background task in Xano, noting irregularities that occurred during the process. This included issues with variable details during runs and the resulting effects on data record numbers. The share screen feature was used as they walked through the process, highlighting specific tabs and actions including refreshing the Xano screen and the use of the history page.

During the session, the State Changers dissected a low-level Xano error they revealed through their screen inspection. This recurring error led them to the agreement that the issue should be reported to Xano's support team as it indicated a potential problem with Xano's product, rather than the user's method. In the second part of their conversation, the State Changers turned to the optimization of sports statistics storage. They considered whether it would be more effective to store these statistics in one complex table using an array method, versus storing them across multiple tables. They concluded that both methods would work, and that the ideal choice would depend on the user's comfort and understanding, as well as how the data was being used. Despite the technical nature of the challenges addressed in the meeting, the team exhibited a collaborative approach to problem-solving and software optimization, utilizing best practices in software debugging and data storage optimization.

(Source: Office Hours 9/12 )

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