Troubleshooting and Enhancing Shopify Affiliate Niches Selection Functionality

During this meeting, the State Changers discussed issues regarding the building of a Shopify affiliate marketing platform. Specifically, they grappled with a bug related to how a list of niches is represented and utilized within the interface.

The main issue arose from a user's inability to correctly select and register up to five key niches to be highlighted on their platform profile. The State Changers decided to illuminate the problem by reviewing the current workflow and setup of the system, which uses the "Xano" tool. They found that the color distinction for selected and non-selected niches wasn't working as expected. Moreover, upon clicking 'save profile,' it seemed that the selected data wasn't properly sent over. After detailed investigation, they identified the culprit as the arrangement of data within the software. Specifically, the problem lay with a variable "selected niches", which kept registering as an array of arrays causing an improper setup. This array contained multiple objects, essentially adding an unwelcome layer of complexity, and causing data storage problems. To resolve the issue, they decided to modify the add-on in Xano. The State Changers noticed they had opted for a list style add-on rather than a single record style add-on. Recognizing this as the source of the problem, they rectified this by removing the list style add-on and creating a new single item add-on. Although this reduced the complexity of the "selected niches" data structure, the niches were still not showing up as they should. They concluded the meeting with the intention to further investigate and rectify the issue in the future.

(Source: Office Hours 7/10 )

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