Troubleshooting and Implementing JavaScript Code Verifier and Challenge in Xano Platform

During the meeting, the State Changers reviewed the process of generating a code verifier and a code challenge using JavaScript (JS). An error was encountered, hinting that the "crypto" was undefined. The team attempted to rectify this by installing a crypto library but the issue persisted.

In seeking to understand the problem, they referred to a diagram and documentation provided by the code owners. The discussions highlighted that they needed to produce a verifier and challenge pair from random bytes using the SHA256 hash. The code challenge, in particular, was identified as the core element of this process. As a solution, the team turned to using Xano, a no-code development platform, as its functions on the crypto library were noted to differ from NodeCrypto. They generated a function on Xano that produces a verifier challenge pair according to the process outlined in the JS documentation. They also noted differences in the way base64 URL encode is implemented, which may require further attention. They added several filters to their function in Xano to simulate what they saw in the JavaScript documentation. To conclude the meeting, the team agreed to test their function in a real-world application using Stitch. The need for careful storage of the verifier after it is generated was also noted for future action. Relevant Keywords: Xano, JavaScript, crypto, SHA256 hash, base64 URL encode, Stitch.

(Source: Office Hours 11/24 )

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