Troubleshooting and Improving Image Uploading Process in Xano Platform

The meeting was a problem-solving session among the State Changers using several technologies, most notably Xano. The major focus was on troubleshooting issues related to posting data, particularly housing details and image files.

In the meeting, a participant, Nikki, had a challenge with her application that involved posting housing details using Xano, but she encountered a problem with the lease and images section. They ran tests to identify the nature of the problem and evaluated possible solutions. The group discussed acquiring a Xano picture URL and tested of different data transmission methods including JSON and form encoding. Participants also discussed multiple ways of uploading documents and images, either from a gallery or by taking a picture. They considered using local URLs in their test values and uploading these to Bravo, but confronted an issue with no data returned. The group discovered that while URLs were being sent, actual files were not, and this was causing the problem. The State Changers then considered resolving the issue via the front-end using Bravo and practical demonstrations were suggested. The meeting ended with a plan to explore this alternative of posting an image using Bravo, with the understanding that each front-end operates differently. Other technologies mentioned but not explored in depth included Javascript, React, Vue.js, HTML, CSS, and Firebase among others. Overall, it was a highly technical session focused on problem-solving.

(Source: Office Hours 9/14 )

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