Troubleshooting and Improving OpenAI Implementation for Statement Analysis

The State Changers convened to discuss an issue encountered with OpenAI, which was tasked to process a list of statements and generate questions based on them. However, the AI seemed to generate similar questions, despite different inputs.

Following a thorough analysis, several potential solutions were offered: - The first suggestion was to store the generated prompt alongside the outputs in the table for better diagnosis. This will help understand whether similar outputs are a result of similar inputs. - Leveraging the 'temperature setting' feature in OpenAI was recommended to increase the randomness of the results and address lack of variability. - Tweaking the prompt engineering was suggested to either vary the structure or adjust hyperparameters. - Reviewing the code of the OpenAI was suggested to ensure there were no upstream errors causing similar inputs. - Finally, it was suggested to analyze the whole API request and store it as a JSON variable in a JSON field in the table, to troubleshoot issues at a granular level. The meeting was highly technical, exploring specific functions of OpenAI, and offered solutions to enhance its performance and accuracy. It's ideal for those seeking in-depth understanding of using OpenAI for generating prompts and troubleshooting possible issues.

(Source: Office Hours 1/31 )

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