Troubleshooting and Improving User ID Search Function in Xano Model

This meeting mainly centered around an issue the State Changers were experiencing with an application's endpoint. This endpoint was failing when faced with a specific search term in the user's ID and retrieving a list of friends. The task at hand was to repair this function so that upon entering a search term, the system could search the name of the table reference within the list of friends, which was in the user table.

Participants utilised platforms like Xano for debugging and devising a three-step solution to this puzzle. First, they needed to fix the issue with the add-on that was incorrectly linked to the user ID. Second, they needed to lift the field. Lastly, they needed to apply a filter. They used Xano's "Find all elements" to filter the array of friends and check if each name meets the search term requirement. The final step was returning the filtered friends list. It's important to note that without the corrected add-on, the function would fail, so it was an immediate priority. The participants plan to apply this solution in the future and discussed troubleshooting steps in case they encounter any issues. The meeting ended after discussing their plan for moving forward.

(Source: Office Hours 8/21/23 )

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