Troubleshooting and Improving Web Page Visibility and Loading Issues with Webflow, Zano, and Splide

This meeting revolves around a challenging issue that the State Changers are facing while working with a carousel effect in a webflow project. They specifically discuss the interaction of "Splide", a carousel library, with "Xano", an application development platform, and navigate debugging processes associated with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) issues in a responsive website design.

The main challenge is maintaining functional and aesthetic consistency across various screen sizes, from desktop to mobile. They express difficulty in troubleshooting the issue due to inability to directly manipulate the CSS on the platform they're using. There's a particular problem with the transformative translate effect, which has erroneously placed the carousel out of view. One solution they explore includes going back to basics with Splide, simplifying the carousel effect, and focusing predominantly on mobile-responsive design before expanding back to a larger screen dimensions. On a side note, the team acknowledges the challenge of working with dynamic content on WebFlow, and discusses the potential of other platforms such as 'Wiz' and 'whoever, what have you', which are designed for creating dynamic applications. In summary, future individuals looking for solutions around integration of "Xano", "Splide", responsive design, and carousel implementation, in a "Webflow" project may find this meeting insightful. These individuals could be web designers facing challenges with cross-platform responsive design, those experiencing difficulties when using a carousel library, or developers seeking to enhance their capacity to solve common problems in web development.

(Source: Office Hours 12/5 )

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