Troubleshooting and Improving Xano-Based Booking System for Properties

The State Changers had a focused discussion on technical issues and solutions related to a booking application built with Xano. Many topics touched upon:

1. There was a bug in an API call. The call was iterating through all records when it should just get a specific record. Resolved by erasing the existing API call and rebuilding it. 2. Discussed setting up user and property ID connections for bookings. 3. Add-ons were set within bookings. Nested add-ons were explained and the way to do this within the bookings context was clarified. 4. Discussed issues revolving around half and full-week availabilities, how to incorporate them into the booking system, and how overlapping availabilities would be handled by the system. Suggestion was to mark availabilities as full week or half week, and then record whether they were booked or available. When a booking is made, it could potentially make other overlapping availabilities unavailable. 5. Clarified the plan for a waitlist feature. When a booking is cancelled, the associated availability is marked as available again, and users on the waitlist could potentially fill in. The waitlist connects users to the specific availabilities they are interested in. The meeting concluded with one participant planning to execute these changes and solutions.

(Source: Office Hours 10/26 )

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