Troubleshooting and Optimizing API Integration with Xano Platform

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed a technical issue regarding the implementation of an API with Xano. The participant was trying to create records, put them into a loop, and make queries to an API endpoint. Initially, they were facing issues with getting the response to be iterated for each parameter and entering the received data into their database. The group discussed the root cause and identified that the problem related to the data structure of the API response and the way in which the data was accessed in the code.

They employed Xano's debugger tool to provide better insight into the issue, helping to understand the incoming data's shape and manipulate it correctly. Certain primary identifiers were found as errors in the database due to repetition, which were corrected by adjusting the primary record setting in Xano. The State Changers subsequently found that not all the data was being written correctly. It was discovered that some parameters were not set correctly, which were then adjusted for the correct functionality. The group faced a timeout error due to the possibly high response time of their API request, which was resolved by increasing the API request timeout duration. The main topics covered included Xano, API response handling, debugging methods and how to fix API request time-outs.

(Source: Office Hours 8/7/2023 )

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