Troubleshooting and Optimizing OpenAI API Requests for Storyboard Scene Count

The State Changers conducted a technical meeting focusing on an API request/data manipulation problem within a certain application.

In the meeting, Evan and Ivan, along with the other active participants, sought to understand and manipulate the results from an OpenAI API request meant to deliver a specific output: a number representation of shots within a storyboard scene. The OpenAI API request extracts a number in the form of a string, with the aim to run this operation multiple times and average out the results to deliver more consistent output - a concept they termed as a 'few shot approach'. During the discussion, they debugged the code to understand its workflow and worked on the necessary improvements. The steps undertaken involved: 1. creating a variable, naming it 'number of shots' and setting its initial value to zero. 2. appending a function under 'Data manipulation' to add to the existing variable, the number extracted from the 'OpenAI' API request. 3. placing a debugging stop to check the results after the addition operations. 4. looping the operation multiple times to see if the process works efficiently on iteration. 5. at the end, calculating the average by dividing the total by the number of iterations used (three in this case). 6. rounding off the average to the nearest whole number, yielding an integer value of the number of shots. The State Changers also introduced the idea of recording these steps for future reference. Discussions also included the pros and cons of condensing the steps into a single update variable call, which even if are better for performance but can make it harder for others to understand. The tools discussed in the meeting were "OpenAI" for generating the random number and "Zano" for creating and updating variables, and general coding/mathematical operations. It's referenced that the data structure is brought by OpenAI and they have recounts of everyone dealing with it.

(Source: Office Hours 9/29/2023 )

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