Troubleshooting and Optimizing Web Scraping Process with CSS and Xano Integration

The meeting involved a group of State Changers working on rectifying an issue in mapping a Python code. The major part of the meeting focused on how to scrape data, customize the code with Python, and move it into "Xano". A participant earlier had an issue with a scraping engine and had worked with an external developer to resolve this issue using another tool.

Towards the resolution, they used a tool called Cyber Chef to decode and beautify the JSON objects involved in the web scraping process. They were able to map these to an object in Xano, encode them into JSON, and then URL encode them, effectively simulating the Cyber Chef steps within Xano. These techniques allowed them to translate the code to work within Xano, giving greater autonomy to customize and control the code. Although there were concerns about integrating all the encoded values into one string, it was explained that this can be resolved by creating multiple items on the object being built in 'CSS selector' - somewhat like adding apples to a bag and then making a pie with all of them. The participants used features within Xano such as creating and updating variables, using data manipulation, creating JSON, URL encoding, and debugging to effectively translate and customize the code. Overall, this meeting would be relevant for people seeking to solve similar programming issues, especially those using Xano. It also provides insights into web scraping, problem-solving and collaborating within a coding environment.

(Source: Office Hours 4/17 midday )

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