Troubleshooting and Optimizing Webhooks, API Usage and Redirects in Stitch and Zano Integration

This meeting between the State Changers was focused on addressing and resolving various issues that had been encountered during the development process.

The conversation initially revolved around setting up an API call for a service. Specific topics discussed included understanding how the functional flow occurs, where an URL is first generated, returned to the WebView, navigated over to Stitch which then does its part, and finally, redirected back to the designated webpage. The team was trying to implement this flow using the access token and had been facing several issues in the process. They found the issue was the mismatch in redirect URLs. Concerns were later raised about how user information is received and input. The confusion was soon resolved when it was explained that the required information is provided by Stitch. Further discussions focused on more technical aspects such as setting HTTP headers, the use of the location attribute in redirection, and limitations of Bravo Studio's WebView. The second half of the meeting was dedicated to exploring and understanding the use of variables (specifically account ID and transaction dates) in API calls. The team had been experiencing difficulties in getting its API calls to work. A possible solution suggested was to create a variable for parameters in an API request, which allows for easier debugging as one can evaluate the parameters before sending the API request. The meeting concluded with discussions around GraphQL payloads and the use of mutations as opposed to queries. As they are dealing with financial transactions, they concluded to initially focus more on reliability at the expense of speed. Further assistance was offered for the next day. The meeting involved conversation about various technologies like Stitch, WebView, and APIs and it also included broader dev vocabulary like OAuth, URL, JSON, and GraphQL. These topics could be beneficial for anyone looking to understand basic API flows, redirections, usage of variables in APIs, and concepts of GraphQL mutations and queries.

(Source: Office Hours 12/13 )

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