Troubleshooting and Optimizing Xano Filtering for Successful Record Query

The State Changers participated in a meeting focused on the use of the low-code platform Xano for the purpose of filtering, sorting and pagination, specifically looking untangling complex Boolean expressions. A significant part of their discussion centered on how to correctly utilize various filters in Xano to get the correct number of records.

A recurring problem was when multiple filters were applied, often the resultant record count was zero, indicating there was no overlap of criteria. They discussed tweaking these filters by changing AND to OR and vice versa. They explored the possibility of using various conditionals in addition to these filters to achieve desired results. Furthermore, they delved into more advanced filter customization with different states (like 'show me expired ones', 'show me no expired ones', 'show me all regardless of expiration') which ultimately made the filter construction in Xano more intricate. The use of debug directly underneath the Xano function stack was explored to troubleshoot these complex Boolean expressions. Finally, they managed to correct the number of records, using the true/false AND/OR configuration. Additionally, they discussed the implementation of sorting in Xano, at both the backend and frontend levels. The conversation included how Xano required an array of sorting objects, each having two members: 'order by' and 'sort by'. They concluded with recommendations to let Xano handle this complex transformation rather than attempting to do the same in WeWeb.

(Source: Office Hours 9/5/2023 )

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