Troubleshooting and Refining Xano-Bravo Property-Submission Integration Process

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss a technical issue involving the integration between mobile app development platform Bravo and cloud application platform Xano. Key topics include identifying the root of the issue, solving error messages from Xano, understanding inputs and outputs from both platforms, and steps to resolve the problem.

The main issue was about transferring certain parameters like address and geolocation from Bravo to Xano. An address was being entered into Bravo, but the geographic information was not being passed onto Xano. The participants discuss the use of Google API for address lookup and speculate whether the address metadata can provide longitude and latitude information. However, they discover that the geo-point isn't being uploaded from Bravo at all, and it needs to be included if they want a geo-point in Xano. The conversation progresses towards rectifying this by introducing changes in Bravo's data transfer to Xano. They also troubleshoot other issues, such as problems with image upload and the return of error 500. They find that the error lies in a function which is using a literal string "image" instead of a variable called "image". After fixing this, they resume testing data inputs from Bravo to Zano. Towards the end, they discuss using the new feature of Xano which allows the conversion of API endpoints to functions. They create a function called "Address to GeoPoint", which is expected to receive an address from Bravo and return latitude and longitude from Google API. The advantage of creating this function is that it isolates all the complexities of talking to Google into a function where you feed in an address and get a latitude and longitude, making it a lot more adaptable and easier to handle. Overall, this meeting provides valuable insights into solving integration issues between Bravo and Xano, creating and using custom functions in Xano, and making effective use of Google APIs to provide geographic information.

(Source: Office Hours 9/15 )

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